Forklift Training Course: Reasons Your Forklift Operator Should be Trained

If you work in construction, you use forklifts outdoors. All personnel using forklifts must have the necessary training, which they can get by completing a forklift training course. The course will ensure that the workers know how to operate the machinery. Below are four reasons why your workers need forklift training.  Reduces Accidents  Working with unfamiliar equipment may often mean that you use it the wrong way. That can result in accidents and injuries. [Read More]

What You Should Know About MC Courses

If you are interested in working in the transport and logistics industry, you might come across heavy trucks classified under multi-combination (MC) vehicles. These include trucks like road trains and B-doubles. B-doubles are prime movers that can tow more than one semi-trailer with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of more than nine tonnes. Road trains are all other vehicles apart from B-doubles that can tow more than one trailer.  Truck Levels [Read More]