Educational Opportunities: A Guide

Two reasons why it could be beneficial to send your child to boarding school

There are many circumstances in which it would be wise to have your child receive their K-12 education in a boarding school. Below are a few examples of these circumstances.

You have an extremely demanding job but want your child to have the best possible education

If you have an exhausting job that demands a lot of your time and you wish to provide your child with the best education possible, then placing them in a boarding school might be a good idea. The reason for this is that, in order for a child to emerge from their K-12 education with as much knowledge and as many life skills as possible, they need to not only work hard during school hours but also need someone help them with their homework, exam prep and extracurricular activities. If they attend a public day school, then it is up to their parents to provide them with this help.

If you often don't finish work until, for instance, 7 pm and then need to spend time answering emails or doing paperwork, in addition to preparing dinner and doing household chores, you simply won't be able to provide your child with this kind of supervision and support (even though you may desperately want to). In this case, sending them to a boarding school might be the best way to help them, as their teachers and mentors will be there to support and supervise them both during school hours and in the evenings. Additionally, there will be a wealth of extracurricular activities that take place on the boarding school's grounds, and your child can partake in as many of them as their schedule allows.

The standard public schools in your school district are very poor

If the public schools in your area are extremely poor (in terms of their exam results, their provision of facilities for extracurricular activities or their ability to protect students from exposure to illegal substances or violence), then you might be better off choosing a boarding school for your child.

As a general rule, boarding schools tend to provide a more intensive and well-rounded form of K-12 education than many of their public-school counterparts and have strict but fair rules and disciplinary measures that they utilise to stop their students from misbehaving and 'going off the rails'. Additionally, whilst their fees can be high, they are put towards the provision of amazing facilities and equipment that the students can use for their extracurricular activities; this might include tennis and badminton courts, swimming pools, cricket fields and musical instruments, all of which make it easy for students to nurture their talents and explore their interests.

Furthermore, because the students are immersed in this environment 24 hours a day during their school terms, they benefit from its support system all of the time during these periods. As such, even if you live in a bad neighbourhood, your child will be shielded from its influence.

To learn more, contact a boarding school.