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Two Tips for Those Who Are About To Take Aqua Aerobics Classes

Here are two tips for those who are about to take aqua aerobics classes. 

Prioritise staying hydrated

It's extremely important for those who're taking aqua aerobics classes to stay hydrated. A person taking this type of class can easily become dehydrated. This is not only because they'll be doing challenging aqua aerobics moves that will probably make them sweat profusely, but also because they might not realise just how much they'll be sweating, as the pool water will immediately rinse the sweat off their bodies before they notice its formation.

Dehydration when exercising is dangerous, no matter what type of activity a person is doing. However, it can be especially hazardous when it happens in a body of water. If a person allows themselves to become dehydrated when doing an aqua aerobics class, they could put themselves at risk of fainting and going unconscious underwater. Even if a person only becomes mildly dehydrated, they could find it hard to focus on the class due to being so lightheaded, and won't get as good of a workout as they would, if they were better hydrated. As such, anyone taking this type of class should keep a water bottle by the side of the pool where they'll be positioned during the class. Ideally, their bottle should be filled with both water and an electrolyte solution, to maximise how much hydration it provides.

Carefully consider what they'll wear to the classes

It's very important for those who'll be taking aqua aerobics classes to consider what they'll wear to them. If they choose to wear a one-piece swimsuit that has straps and covers their entire torso, they should test out wearing it before their first class, to check that the torso fabric and straps are elastic enough to allow them to comfortably lift their arms straight up and out to the sides, and to twist their body from side-to-side. If the one-piece swimsuit constricts them during these movements, it could be hard for this person to work out as vigorously as they'd like to during the classes.

Similarly, if a person wants to wear a two-piece swimsuit to these classes, they should ensure both the top and bottom don't restrict their range of motion. However, because two-pieces tend to need more adjusting than one-pieces, it's also crucial for those who'll be wearing them to ensure each garment feels secure on their body. If it doesn't and starts to slip around as soon as they do any vigorous movement, they might find themselves too distracted by this to focus on the exercises the aqua aerobics teacher is trying to show them how to do.

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