Educational Opportunities: A Guide

Reasons You Should Donate to A Read to A Dog Programme

Read to a dog programmes are a great way to help your child learn how to read quickly. These programmes are in your local library. They provide great corporate donation opportunities. Here are three reasons your company should donate to a read to a dog programme. 

Help Children 

Trouble reading can cause a child to become withdrawn and sad. Furthermore, they will develop self-esteem issues as they do not feel as good as their classmates. Reading to a friend is a great way to learn how to read. However, sometimes even constructive criticism will make the child feel inept. Secondly, some people are in a hurry, and the child feels pressured to learn quickly. When reading to a dog, there are no time restraints. 

The dog does not criticise or correct. The child builds reading confidence because, with the dog, he or she is the expert. The dog does not slam and listens patiently. Donating to such a program makes your company part of your community's daily life. You are also involved in the lives of the youngest people, and that is good for business.  

Animal Rescue and Care 

Read to a dog programmes are sometimes served by animal shelters and rescue organisations. If you donate to such a plan, you help not only the children but also the animals. Animal shelters often take in strays and nurse them back to health. These animals need medicine and food. 

Donations made to read to a dog programme not only pay volunteers and buy books but also provide for the needs of the animals. Corporate responsibility programmes that involve animals are a great way to better your brand recognition. They also give your business a positive reputation. It will also help you in building partnerships with other companies that serve dog-related charities.  

Attract Talent and Retain Staff 

A company that is involved in the community retains staff. The employees feel that they work for a company that cares about their interests. Animals and children are groups that most people want to support. A company that builds its community is bound to have its support for a long time. If your company donates to a read to a dog programme, more people will want to work for you. You are likely to attract talented people and also keep the people already in your employ.  


There are great many corporate donation opportunities that involve children's education. Consider donating to a read to a dog programme in your area.